Picture in the dark - Lora Slámová [e-kniha]

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Kategorie: E-knihy
Autor: Lora Slámová
Vydavatel: Mgr. Tomáš Zahradníček - TZ-one
Počet stran: 74
Rok vydání: 2015
Zabezpečení e-knihy: sociální DRM
Formát e-knihy: epub, mobi, PDF
ISBN ePUB: 978-80-753-9002-8
ISBN PDF: 978-80-753-9004-2
ISBN mobi: 978-80-753-9003-5
Jazyk: angličtina
259 1 picture in the dark
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Police is called to the house outside of Prague, on the case of a woman suicide. After the first inspection, it is discovered that it is Klára Markovič, a student love of the police captain Pavel Hradecký. He assigns the case to the lieutenant Jiří Klamert. The lieutenant does not hesitate even for a moment and turns for help to his friend, a private detective Adrian Lesy. Again, we see the famous pair that with its specific humour investigates the case of a serious crime of a murder. The perpetrator successfully and deliberately manages to hide his true face to the last moment. All that is left is to play the right game, which eventually leads to his capture.



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